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Northeast Shires!

The Possibilities Are Unlimited when superior genetics and advance technology come together

What We Do

Our goal is to produce top quality Shire horses utilizing the very best stock we can find. Many of the foals we put on the ground are the result of advance breeding technologies that allow us to use older mares that have reproductive problems but have superior genetics. We collect embryos from these mares that can't carry foals themselves and use recipient mares to serve as surrogate mothers for these foals.

Who We Are

Mike and Janet Long have been raising registered Shire horses for over 20 years. We started with a mother daughter team providing wagon rides at a local breakfast house.  Today we own 14 Shire mares, two Shire stallions and a handfull of recipient mares.  We take pride in our horses and hope those who purchase our babies will also take pride in them.

We have been showing Shires at American Shire Horse Association recogonized shows since 2001.

Today we partner with Charity O'Dell and Tom Greenlee of Greenlee Farms.

Come see the Shires at shows across the United States.
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Services We Provide:

Shire Horse Sales

We normally have babies and adult Shires for sale. Check the "For Sale" page or send us an email to find out what we currently have available.

On Farm and Shipped
Chilled Semen

We always have at least one stallion standing providing shipped chilled semen and on-farm insemination.

Frozen Semen shipped within the USA and in Australia

We have frozen semen from several stallions that we can ship anywhere in the USA. We also provide Isle Field Danny Boy frozen semen in Australia.

Embryo collection and Freezing

We offer on farm embryo collection for your mare including freezing (vitrifying) the resulting embryos. We do this at a compentive monthly rate and is all inclusive.

Phantom Training and
Semen Freezing

We will phantom train your stallion and freeze semen for your future use.

Mare Care and Foaling Services

We are experts at putting healthy foals on the ground. Bring your pregnant mares to us to be foaled out.

Strong. Stable. Reliable

You could consider us Shire horse addicts. We will NEVER be without Shire horses. We will be raising them for the rest of the world to enjoy for as long as we physical can do it, end of story. You can count on us to be there in the future to help with your Shire horse in any way that we can.

Contact Info


450 Flaghole, Franklin NH 03235 USA